Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Finished it!!!

I am so glad I pre-ordered my copy from Borders.
Even though it sounded like loads of fun to go to the midnight Twilight Ball Aug. 2nd at the Barnes and Noble here like my sisters did.
It looks like many places are sold out and people can't read it until they get their hands on it.
This last book resolved so many of the issues I cried about after finishing Eclipse. Yes I cried for about 4 days after reading it. So silly to be caught up into lives of vampires and werewolves!
Of course I have immersed/ drenched myself into this cult phenomenon!
I definitely recommend these books!
I was surprised that this 4th part of the story was so easy to read and I didn't have any shocking knock me over moments! Though Eclipse was way more drama and excitement this one really brings it all around to a full end and I am glad.
Stephanie really figures out everything so no one is left hanging....
Definitely worth reading even if I am a Jacob lover!

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Annie Carie said...

I pre ordered mine too but Jason actidently had it ordered to ship some time in september with the next Eragon book so he cancelled it and I picked it up at King Soopers on Wednesday night. :)

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