Thursday, January 31, 2008

Apron Exchange - by MER

This is from my sis and here is a copy of her blog!

a darlin' apron for D-lyn

So here it is in all it's first apron and one of the first completely successful sewing projects I've done all on my own. My sisters and I have an apron exchange going on and I drew my sister D-lyn's name. She's an English Country Cottage/Romantic Vintage kind of gal so I think she'll really like it. I'm proud of myself for sticking in through and re-doing a lot of things just so they were right (however I did finally figure out what a narrow hem was after I'd done most of them incorrectly...oh well...D-lyn can change them if she likes :)). I'm especially fond of the little birdie on the pocket.

Mer~ it is so darling I agree!
I can hardly wait to wear it and feel adorable as I serve at my next Tea party!!
Thank you for participating in this cool Apron Exchange!
I had fun!! I am glad you did too!


mer said...

thanks d-lyn! I put it in the mail today and it should get there on Tuesday or Wednessday. Enjoy :).

Lorajean said...

Its Thursday and I want to see it on you D-lyn! I'll get you one of mine that you made soon! Love and miss miss miss you!

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