Saturday, October 13, 2007

Taking inventory!

In an attempt to find a spool of thread in the color I needed I cleaned out my thread box and tidied up. Then a whim came to me. Take a picture with me when I am shopping and then I won't buy multiples of the same colors over and over. Which if you look closer you can see I have already done this! LOL! Now if I can get a bobbin for each and somehow keep them together, so I can find what I need quickly!
Do we ever stop and freeze a moment in progress?
Well, now I have. In the midst of looking for thread and sewing a dress for my eldest daughter I have pictures. Pictures of thread, and one of my sewing machines. I spy my pink pin cushion, a great sewing machine, a blue pen and a purple pen, a rubber stamp, a cutting mat, a pattern piece (one I traced onto tissue), a tissue box (sewing always makes me sneeze, I guess it's the lint), a turquoise dress in progress (dotted swiss from my grandmothers closet!), and more thread! How FUN!

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