Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Creating Treasures

I love darling hand created gifts for babies and children!

I also love to make them myself. At baby showers and Christmas parties , I have received compliments and comments like "you should sell these"

SO! I have been sewing up a storm!

I-really want to have a stash of things ready for a crafting boutique on the net!
Little Peek a Boo Books and
blankie sets, crotched snugglies, and sweet things to treasure.

So here I am going to give the internet crafting world a tryout.
Hopefully my creations are loved by somebody and their baby!

That they go happily home to them, is my wish for each piece I work on.

Tell me what you think and what thoughts you have about my little collection.


Lorajean said...


I think these are so beautiful and I'm sure that they'll sell! The photos are great quality...the lighting is good. For the actual listings, you will want to zoom in on the details for some of the photos so people can see them better. Etsy allows you to have 5 total photos for each listing. These are awesome!


Annie Carie said...

Wow so cute!!

I agree with LJ your pictures are good just do lots for each item, It always helps me when I'm purchasing on etsy.

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